• To which ports RORO Service is available from Mumbai Port India ?

    Roll-On Roll-Off Services are available for many ports from Mumbai, India, List Of the Ports -
    South East Asia : Singapore, Port Klang Malaysia, Leam Chabang Near Bangkok, Thailand.
    Europe : Southampton, Bremen Bristol UK, Antwerp Belgium, Rotterdam Netherlands, Livorno Italy.
    Middle East : Dubai Jebel Ali UAE, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
    Africa : Durban South Africa, Maputo, Beira Mozambique
    South America : Port Callao Peru, Iqique Chile, Rio De Janeiro, Santos Brazil, Buenos Aires Argentina
    Australia : Fremantle, Melbourne, Port Kembla ( Sydney ) and Brisbane in Australia

  • To Which Ports do you have Container Shipping Services from Nhava Sheva Port, Mumbai India ?
    Container shipping is possible to almost all major ports in the world, if your vehicle can fit in the container, we are sure that we can ship your container to any destination worldwide.
  • Why Us?

    How many days does it take for shipping of my car from Bandar Abbas Iran to Mumbai India ?

    Once you have handed over the car to our associate in Bandar Abbas, it will take 2 days for Customs and Port Formalities, and the container will then be moved to the port, in the same very week, it will be loaded on the container ship. From the date of sailing, it takes approx 10 days.
  • What are the procedures involved in shipping a car ?
    Shipping a Car Involves, Preparing Customs Documentation, Getting Auto mobile Club Certifications, Registering the Document At Customs, Inspection Of Vehicle, Stuffing Of Car in Container, Lashing Choking Of Car, Container Yard Formalities, Shipping Company formalities for Release of Bill Of Lading.
  • Are the formalities for shipping a car different than the border crossing procedure ?
    The formalities are completely different. In a port, there are many complex formalities and paperwork due to many stakeholders such as Shipping Company, Port, Customs and Container Yards unlike Borders where the interaction is direct between pax and customs. The procedure is generally too time consuming and difficult if you are not aware of each step, its always advisable to entrust an local Customs Broker or Agent.
  • Can we do the customs formalities ourselves or do we need an agent at Iran ?
    No you cannot do customs and clearance procedure in Iran by Self as the tourists are restricted to enter Port and Customs Premises in Iran rendering Impossible for them to complete formalities, an agent is a must have.
  • What are the documents required for shipping ?
    The basic documents that are to be provided by Pax are Passport, Carnet Book and Vehicle Registration, rest of the paperwork such as Customs Forms, Declarations and formats are prepared by agents.
  • How frequently does a ship sail from Bandar Abbas Iran to Mumbai India ? How Long does it take to reach India ?
    There is one vessel that sails every week from Bandar Abbas to Nhava Sheva Port, Mumbai India. The cutoff date for the vessel is usually two days prior to vessel sailing. The vessel arrival dates are usually fluctuating so its always a difficult task to provide definate dates. Due to US Sanctions on IRAN there are fewer vessels calling Bandar Abbas. However you should remember that there is 1 vessel every week and approx 12 days transit time to Nhava Sheva Port, Mumbai, India.
  • What is the size of the 20 and 40 feet containers and which other kinds of containers are available ?
    There are many types of containers available but the most common are the 20 feet, 40 feet and a 40 feet High Cube, for the dimensions please refer to the dimensions chart in our DOWNLOADS section.
  • What If my vehicle is Over Dimension and does not fit in a Regular Standard Container such as 20 feet, 40 feet or 40 feet high cube ?
    If your vehicle is ODC, then you have two options, either use a Flat Rack Container or opt for a RORO Service if available to your port.
  • What is the maximum size of a car that can get into a 20 Feet Normal Container ?? Else what is the option ?
    The Door opening of a 20 Feet Container is Height=2272 mm & Width=2337 mm, if your height is more than 2272 mm then you have to opt for a larger 40 feet high cube container whose Height=2690 mm & Width=2337 mm. Other than a 40 feet HC container, the only option is a Flat Rack Container ( usually very expensive ) or the economical RORO option ( not available from Iran ).
  • Is there a Roll On Roll Service from Iran to India ?
    No there is no Roll-On Roll Off Service from Iran to India, however the closest port you can get RORO is from Jebel Ali UAE.
  • Is there a Roll on Roll Off (RORO) Service between Iran and UAE ?
    Yes there is a regular RORO Service from Bandar Abbas Iran to Sharjah - Dubai - UAE and vice-versa.
  • Is there LCL Service for shipping a Motorcycle from Bandar Abbas Iran to Mumbai / Nhava Sheva Port India ?
    No, There is no LCL ( Less Container Load ) service from Bandar Abbas Port Iran to Mumbai Nhava Sheva India. This is due to Non Availability of Console Cargo from Iran to India. Motorcycle shipping from Iran can be Done by Air Cargo. If Sea Cargo is preferred by Pax, you have to arrive UAE via ferry service between Bandar Abbas and Sharjah Old Port. LCL service available from the UAE to India.
  • What kind of services do we offer for Shipping ?
    We offer you complete logistics such as Shipping and Customs Clearance on Both Ends. Any Port to India and India to Any Port in the world.
  • We have heard that there are Costs to be payable on both sides - Origin Port as well as Destination Port, Can you clarify ?
    Please note that there are Origin Costs and Destination Costs in Shipping by Sea worldwide. This is common procedure for shipping at any port. For Example - When you ship your vehicle from Bandar Abbas to Mumbai, you have to pay for Ocean Freight, Customs Clearance, Port Charges, Vehicle Lashing Charges and other operational Costs. This is initially paid by you at Bandar Abbas. When your vessel Arrives Mumbai, you have to pay for Shipping Company Delivery Order Charges, Port Terminal Handling Charges, Container Yard Charges, Customs Clearance and other applicable costs as per tariff of the country. Please keep the same in mind while shipping by sea from anywhere to anywhere. Send us an email for more details........
  • Is there a ferry Service from Iran to India ?
    No there is no Ferry Service from Iran to India.
  • Can we travel on the ship with the Car ?
    No you cannot travel on any kind of Ship ( Ferry, Commercial Container Ship or Bulk Carriers ) to India as restricted by Indian Maritime Laws.
  • Which is the fastest and the most frequent port in India ?
    Nhava Sheva which is 50 Kms off Mumbai City, India is the Biggest and Fastest Port in India


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